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Young Indo-Pacific Forum Communiqué

On November 2021, European Guanxi, STEAR, and Polis180 - with support from several other youth organisations - organised the Young Indo-Pacific Forum to bring young voices into the political discourse regarding the Indo-Pacific Guideline of the EU.

Our aim with the conference was to create a dialogue on the newly announced strategy of the European Union, to promote a broader understanding of the EU’s interactions with the Indo-Pacific region, and to look ahead at the direction in which key relationships between the EU and Indo-Pacific states and stakeholders will go. Moreover, we wanted to give students and young professionals from both regions a voice in international politics and foster a new platform for enhanced Asia-Europe cooperation.

We can finally and happily announce the joint outcome of that conference: the communiqué "Youth Perspective on the Indo-Pacific strategy". This communiqué drows from the conference panels and it is the result of a joint and remarkable effort of the organizing think tanks' members.

Communique - Young Indo-Pacific - Final
Download PDF • 699KB

We are very proud to announce it has been already presented during online and on-site meetings with Māra Šteinberga (Cabinet of the European Council President), Fernando Sendra (Head of Policy Unit Asia-Pacific) and with the Special Advisor on Youth for Asia for Commissioner Urpilainen. We received some truly insightful feedback and more presentations with high-level officers are yet to come!

Meetings with Fernando Sendra, the cabinet of Jutta Urpilainen, and Māra Šteinberga. Own picutres

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