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Are you a European Guanxi member?

Not a member yet?

From July 1st you will be able to again join and become a member of a community of young people passionate about EU-China relations

To join EG you will need to be: 

  • Between 18 and 35 years-of-age;

  • An EEA national or a national of an EU candidate state or a former member state (UK) or somebody who is working/studying in one of those countries. Please follow the instructions below and start your EG-journey!

Together we contribute to fostering Sino-European relations and

improving mutual understanding and cooperation between Europe and China.

Memberships Instructions

Step. 1 -Check the memberships plans page 

Step. 2 - Pay the required fee following the information on this page

Remember to pay the correct tier!

Step. 2 - Fill the form and upload the proof of payment there




Step. 4 - Register on the EG website and you will be approved once we have checked that the form is correctly filled and you have provided all the correct info.

If you have questions you can use the chat form down below. 

Your benefits as a member

At European Guanxi you'll find a community of like-minded people to connect with, share your thoughts, and stay updated on the latest news and members only opportunities. 

What are the perks of being a European Guanxi member?


 Participate in European Guanxi targeted events and debates. 
You can also join European Guanxi's podcast as a guest.

Feature your projects and achievements on European Guanxi social networks.


Publish your articles in our Academic Journal and submit pieces for publication on our website

Receive European Guanxi's members-only newsletter featuring updates, extra readings and job opportunities.


Full access to past events' recording library and recommended readings.

Join European Guanxi's WhatsApp group and stay in touch with other members.

European Guanxi is the chance to grow personally and professionally in an international context, engaging with other experts in EU-China relations 

Hear what European Guanxi members say about their experience!

_B8A6140_AR1 - European Guanxi Webinars.jpg

Amelie Richter

Vice-Head of the Events Team of European Guanxi and editor for the German outlet "China.Table"

European Guanxi is bringing together so many people from many different countries and fields that discussing with my mates in the Webinars Team has given me many new ideas and perspectives.


Giulia Busnardo

Memberships Officer and Master Student at Ca'Foscari University (Venice, Italy)

Joining European Guanxi has been very rewarding! From working in marketing  to memberships, I have always  felt appreciated and entrusted. Plus, I have very much cherished the opportunity to work with my talented colleagues!



Marco Luisi

Twitter Officer and Institutional Activities Officer at the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale (Italy)

Being part of European Guanxi, for me, is like living in a factory of ideas and inspirations. In European Guanxi I found a rich group of people with my same obsessions but from a variety of backgrounds, who always have the answer I need.

Join us today

  • How can I pay my fee?
    You can access the payment information on our website at the "Memberships Plans" page.
  • I want to contribute to EG, but I am not a member/ When will the membership will be open again?
    The membership is open NOW! Use the 'join us' section on our website to become an EG member
  • I have a specific request about your articles section
    You can submit an article through the procedure outlined in our "Write for us" section. You can also contact for specific requests. Our Editor in Chief, Mark, and his team will be glad to help you. You can still submit your article as a non-EG member, but please keep in mind that this is a temporary instance and that all non-members who are in the process of submitting or have submitted while not being a member will be highly encouraged to apply as soon as the membership restarts. Please remember that we are all volunteers dedicating our free time to this organisation, so please understand that we might not be as timely and as efficient, but we are doing our best in getting back to all as soon as we can.
  • I have issues registering for an event
    Please contact our events team at
  • I have a specific request about a partnership and/or a collaboration
    If you are contacting us on behalf of your institution or company, you are more than encouraged to reach out to our Public Relations Team at While we don’t partner with individuals, we are more than open to collaborate with specific events, articles, or items on our newsletter. For more information on this possibility and possible enquiries, please write to our Partnerships Office for more information on this at
  • I haven't heard back from the staff selection
    Due to a very high volume of applications, we are experiencing unexpected delays in the process. We are so sorry for this and we will do our best to process all documents in a timely manner, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our memberships email. Please remember that we are all volunteers dedicating our free time to this organisation, so please understand that we might not be as timely and as efficient, but we are doing our best in getting back to all as soon as we can.
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