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The very name “European Guanxi” embodies the purpose of this organization. Although the term “关系” (guanxi) can be translated as “relationship” or “connection”, its meaning is much more profound and its importance stems from the historical centrality of personal networks in Chinese social life. 

In the myriad of literature on the matter, we are aware of the complexity and occasional negative connotations this term has developed through time. However, we want to separate it from its usage in the business or political spheres and stress its original meaning: guanxi as the concept that attaches essence and purpose to social interaction as a means to achieve both individual and community fulfillment.

As enriching relationships requires the will and effort to actively speak to and understand each other, European Guanxi similarly advocates and actively works towards higher levels of mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation between the European Union and China.

The logo of European Guanxi represents a matching of the European identity of its members and their desire to analyze and contribute to relations (关系) between the EU and China and Europeans with common interests regarding China. European Guanxi is a non-profit civil organization. Its logo does not reflect any financing or otherwise received from third parties or EU institutions.

Founded in Barcelona in September 2020 and connecting people throughout Europe and China, our members are an active and integral part of the international community interested in China. We aim to expand our network to other European and Chinese cities.

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