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European Guanxi Youth Conference

European Guanxi is pleased to announce the upcoming Youth Conference on EU-China relations (EGYC)!

The EGYC is a unique opportunity to gather the brightest minds in Europe for in-depth discussions on the People’s Republic of China’s role in the world and its impact on the EU’s foreign policy. The conference aims to facilitate the EU’s knowledge base on China from a youth perspective. Activities will kick off in May 2023, online and in Brussels, with the culminating conference itself held in fall of 2023.

The EGYC is an excellent opportunity to connect with other young Europeans active in the field of EU-China relations. Before the EGYC takes place, participants will engage in small-group discussions and discussions with experts, developing and summarizing policy proposals and recommendations in their area of expertise.

At the conference in Brussels participants will formalize their ideas before an interested public, share their experiences and exposure to China, and build relationships with their peers and with the speakers.

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The EGYC Conference day programme

Brussels, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, 11 Avenue de l'Yser. 

Saturday, 30th September 2023


Opening remarks: Lukian De Boni, President, European Guanxi

Opening Keynote: Dr Sari Arho Havrén, Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Coffee break


First Panel: Security & Defence

Moderator: Mark Godges, European Guanxi​


  • Alicia Fawcett, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, McKinsey

  • Mahmoud Javadi, AI Governance Researcher, Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • Nathan Oliver, Head of Cybersecurity, Microminder Cybersecurity

  • Stella Meyer, Research Associate and Project Manager, Lisbon Council.


Lunch catered by KAS Brussels

Second Panel: Technology & Digitalisation

Moderator: Calvin Oliver, European Guanxi


  • Fanny Sauvignon, Researcher in Foreign Policy, CEPS

  • Marie Le Mouel, formerly at Bruegel

  • Robin Schindowski, Research Analyst, Bruegel

Closing Keynote: Samuel Dempsey, Director of Policy, European Horizons

Closing remarks: Anirban Das, European Guanxi

For selected participants:

Afternoon activity

Social Dinner

The EU’s Strategic Autonomy in EU-China Relations

This inaugural edition of the EGYC will discuss the EU’s strategic autonomy and the current global geopolitical environment that are shaping EU-China relations. The agenda is set to include topics such as the risks derived from EU dependencies on China, the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, and the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI).

Participants will be divided in three working groups that focus on the themes of the conference:

Security &

The security and defense Working Group primarily revolves around how the impact of the digital revolution on human interaction creates what some experts describe as a new "fifth domain" of warfare. Realms included are cybersecurity, narrative and information warfare, and artificial intelligence, and one of our primary focus is how this fifth domain intersects with reducing or vulnerabilities of the EU within itself and other domains, especially as it maintains a position of alignment with democratic countries and the rules-based international order in general in light of aggressive behavior and the no-limits partnership between Russia and the PRC.

Technology & Digitalisation

The Working Group on Technology and Digital Policy focuses on existing political rhetoric on how European strategic autonomy can be achieved through technological infrastructure. How Global Gateway Initiative and supply side policies can or cannot develop technological growth and protection of EU citizens?

Comparisons will be drawn with China's Belt & Road Initiative and their Digital Silk Road, whilst also touching on other related issues such as AI and superconductors.

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