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European Guanxi Youth Conference

The European Guanxi Youth Conference
on EU-China Relations (EGYC)

The EGYC is a unique opportunity to gather the brightest minds in Europe for in-depth discussions on the People’s Republic of China’s role in the world and its impact on the EU’s foreign policy.

With this annual Conference, we aim to facilitate the EU’s knowledge base on China from a youth perspective and to connect with other young Europeans active in the field of EU-China relations.

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EGYC 203

European Guanxi Youth Conference 2023

The EU’s Strategic Autonomy in EU-China Relations

The 2023 edition of the European Guanxi Youth Conference was held in September in Brussels in collaboration with our partner Konrad-Adenauer-Stitfung. We discussed the EU's strategic autonomy in the current global geopolitical environment that shapes the future of EU-China relations.


European Guanxi's members and participatants actively contributed, along with experts in the field, in a discussion on the EU's Strategic Autonomy. Topics mainly focused on the aspects of Security and Defence, Technology and Digital Policy and Trade and Investments. 

EGYC 2023 Policy Brief

The participants in the 2023 EGYC worked together and consulted experts to create the policy recommendations below. Take a look!





Our thanks to Konrad-Adenauer-Stitfung Brussels for their support in organising the in-person portion of the conference.

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