More info on the event to be announced! | More info on the event to be announced!

Thesis Day (June Edition)

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Thesis Day (June Edition)

Time & Location

More info on the event to be announced!
More info on the event to be announced!

About the Event

This event is the first EG Conference, where three members will be selected to present a topic of thier choice.

Pleade submit all your proposed topics in this google form.

We invite you to participate in Thesis Day, an event where you will be the protagonist/speaker! This event is a ‘family reunion’ made by members for members and, despite what its name suggests, we will accept any research proposal.

Do you want to tell us how your dissertation is going? How did you approach the topics of a thesis you discussed, even if it was a couple of years ago? Did you write a paper you were passionate about and now want to share it with the world? Well, this is your time to shine! Bring us your bright ideas, and we would be glad to give you a platform!

If you need assistance with your application, you need more details or have any query regarding this event, please contact us at:

Submission Guidelines

General requirements for the document:

- 11 pt. Arial;

- A margin of 1.15 in.;

- Full justification;

- Docx format;

- Insert the same title as the one on your application;

- Use a pseudonym and not your real name on the document and on its title, remember it will be blind reviewed.

For the Abstract section (max 150 words):

- You will need to spell out the underlying research question of your work: what have

you investigated?

- You will need to state the methodology that you have adopted/are adopting in your

research: Which phenomena have you analysed/ are you analysing? Which source

materials have you used/ are you using (e.g., legal tools, data banks, History


- You will need to say which are the obtained/expected results of your research: what

have you found/ do you expect finding?

For the Personal Statement section (max 100 words):

- You will need to say why participating at this event would need to enrich you and

how could you benefit from it;

- You will need to say what makes your project stand out, why we should choose you.

Please note this is a EG Member-only Event 

This is just one of the perks of EG membership, learn more about our perks and about the next registration round in the Membership tab. 

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