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European Youth Perspectives on International Relations of China (EYPIC) Journal

Are you a driven and passionate young scholar eager to share your research on EU-China relations


Are you looking to publish your bachelor's or master's thesis?


Look no further! European Guanxi is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to showcase your research on this exciting topic in our peer-reviewed Academic Journal. We seek dynamic individuals with fresh perspectives on the latest international relations developments in EU-China relations.


European Guanxi is currently welcoming abstract submissions from young scholars who are ready to make their mark and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of China in the global context and EU-China relations. Don't miss this chance to share your ideas with a wider audience and shape the conversation on this critical topic. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and collaboration!

What is the EYPIC?

The European Youth Perspectives on International Relations of China (EYPIC) Journal brings together the voices of young European leaders to shed light on the crucial topic of how China's rise impacts past, present, and future international relations. Our mission is to amplify the voices of young researchers who have their fingers on the pulse of a rapidly changing world. 


The 21st Century is ushering in a new era of international relations, marked by a significant geopolitical and geo-economic power shift to Northeast Asia. Just as the 19th to 20th Centuries witnessed the "Americanization" of a previously "Europeanized" world, our world today is experiencing unprecedented changes fueled by the combined forces of digitization, accessibility of information, ecological, climate, and public health shifts, and intercultural/cross-national migration and globalization.


In this rapidly changing landscape, Europe plays a significant role in global economics, defense, culture, diplomacy, and development. That's why the voices of young European scholars and leaders are more critical than ever in understanding how the continent will respond to the emerging world order. As we become a tripolar world, the insights and perspectives of our bright young minds are essential to navigate this new reality.


2023 Issue
Who Defines European Strategic Autonomy in Europe-China Relations?

In the post-Zeitenwende era, this question has multiple dimensions. From the perspective of the European Union, it may mean the imperative of strategic autonomy to protect its liberal-democratic world vision from those seeking to undermine it from the outside. It may also mean the ability to independently protect, improve, and make its institutions more resilient without necessitating constant support from the United States.
From the perspective of some member states, “strategic autonomy” in Europe-China may mean diverging from the European Union and the United States on their policies towards China, or even Russia, to preserve what is in the “national interest”. Strategic autonomy to others may mean a cross-national ideological cohesion between member states in the EU and outside of it, in either the liberal-democratic, post-fascist, traditionalist or neo-Soviet world views which member states seek to align themselves with.

In this inaugural issue of the European Youth Journal on International Relations and China, we seek to explore different young European perspectives on the definitions, affects, benefits, drawbacks, and origins of strategic autonomy across Europe in relation to China’s engagement with the continent, and the EU and individual nations chose responses.

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